Urban Photothon? What’s That?

An Urban Photothon is a unique urban photography experience brought to you by ArianDavidPhotography.  My name is Arian Horbovetz, and I will walk into a city, take a new photograph every two minutes and post it to social media for all to see.

Residents and outsiders can watch as, for four straight hours, their city unfolds in front of them on social media in a way they’ve never seen before.  It’s a rapid fire, curiosity inducing photography show that is sure to delight.

We love our cities when we see their beauty in photographs, when we experience outsiders’ visual enthusiasm… it makes us value what we have in the places we live.  My blog The Urban Phoenix has been doing this for the past 2 years… I explore small Upstate New York cities and write about the urban rebirth happening in those places.

The Urban Phoenix is a story of our cities supported by photos.  The Urban Photothon will tell a different story, this one told simply with images.

Follow the hashtag #urbanphotothon on social media to watch as I work hard to highlight the beauty of our Upstate New York urban areas!